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Broader Engagement at SIAM CSE21 Participant Information



BE@CSE21 recruits students,
post docs, and professionals
from underrepresented
communities, engages them in
research-based activities and in some cases, catalyzes life-
changing experiences.


Welcome to the Broader Engagement program at Computational Science and Engineering Conference (BE@CSE21) BE came to the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) in 2015 and SHI has organized BE programs at all SIAM CSE conferences since then. We appreciate the amazing partnership with SIAM and how welcoming they have been to SHI and to all BE participants. BE@CSE invites the broader community to participate, learn about, and advocate for diversity and inclusion.

BE@CSE21 takes place during the week-long conference and offers valuable experiences, such as interdisciplinary technical sessions, plenaries, and discussions. In all, the program provides students with more profound knowledge, the development of new skills, and the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging within the STEM and CSE community through mentorship, Guided Affinity Groups, and workshops.



Guided Affinity Groups


BE Organizing Committee


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