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Sustainable Research Pathways 2019

SRP 2019 Workshop Participants, Berkeley, California

2019 was a big year for the SRP program…we celebrated our 5th year by breaking many records. The 2018 cohort had a productive summer and represented the largest class of SRP teams yet and 2019 nearly reached that peak. To celebrate the 2019 summer cohort, Dr. David Brown, Computational… Continue reading

The Broader Engagement (BE) Program

The Broader Engagement (BE) Program, piloted in 2007 at the Supercomputing (SC) Conference Series, was created as a method to engage populations of people consistently underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

BE participants enjoying a workshop.

Dr. Mary Ann Leung, founder of SHI, felt a strong connection with the mission of BE, and… Continue reading

Pathways to Success Workshop

Pathways to Success Workshop: exploring challenges and identifying resources to help students, faculty, and professionals create a vision of success 

Dr. Leung has been to a variety of venues to present her signature workshop aimed at encouraging students, faculty, and professionals to find and pursue their passion in science. This workshop provides insights and… Continue reading

Paving the Road Ahead Workshop

A new addition to the BE Program at SIAM CSE17 was the Paving the Road Ahead Workshop. This workshop, led by Melissa Abdelbaky and Blake Lohn-Wiley, served as an extension to the content presented in the Pathways to Success Workshop. Centering on the concept of lifelong learning, this workshop helped participants identify why goals alone… Continue reading

High School Outreach

Sustainable Horizons Institute is pleased to be helping Nevada High School embrace science and prepare their students for their futures. We are involved in the following projects with Nevada High School • We serve on their Project Lead the Way (PLTW) advisory board • WE serve on the School to Work committee • We are… Continue reading

Workforce Development

Workforce Development, Mentoring, Career, Professional, and Leadership Development. 

Sustainable Horizons Institute has a breath of experience in designing, developing, and implementing effective programs to develop leaders, build careers, and foster relationships that sustain our benefactors throughout the lifecycle of their scientific and personal endeavors.  Through the SCxy Broader Engagement program innovative Mentor-Protégé programs… Continue reading

WeFold Protein Folding Educational Adventure

As scientists we are innovators, we are inventors, we are researchers, we work on solving problems to help make the world a better place.

Scientists become scientists for different reasons but they all need good mentors to “unleash” the scientist inside them.

The WeFold summer camp was created to get students excited about science, spark… Continue reading

Supercomputing Conference Poster Submission Workshop

In 2015, Sustainable Horizons Institute was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct a workshop for past BE participants. The vision of this project was to help past SCxy BE participants get more involved with the main technical track of the conference by providing training and assistance for their submission to the… Continue reading