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Student Advisory Committee

Student Advisory Committee

A committee of students that advises Sustainable Horizons Institute on program directions and activities. The student advisory committee is actively working with Sustainable Horizons Institute on the development of a GitHub reposisitory, on-going mentoring, and other activities to keep the community connected and supported throughout their pathways to success.

Blake Lohn-Wiley

Blake earned an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a B.S. in Mathematics. He enjoys pursing knowledge and gaining expertise in areas related to applied mathematics. His primary area of research includes application of Bayesian Networks within High Performance Computing. Other areas of research include deep machine learning, and data mining. Blake is currently working at… Continue reading

Melissa Romanus

Melissa Romanus is a graduate student pursuing a joint-PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics. She currently works on the DataSpaces project under the direction of Dr. Manish Parashar as part of the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2). She received her undergraduate degree from Tufts University in Computer Engineering in… Continue reading