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Testimonial: Broader Engagement 2017

Lukas WinklerPrins

I think my position was relatively unique in being treated like faculty while being closer, in age and development, to many of the undergraduate students. I was able to move freely between both groups and this was helpful for asserting where I am in life.

For me, the most influential part was the mentor-mentee matchmaking.… Continue reading

Javier Rojas

Participating in the program was an experience unlike any other. I believe the program was very engaging and intuitive. I appreciated the Guided affinity groups as they increased learning in technical conference sessions. The Mentor Protégé Program was also worthwhile since it matched us with SIAM CSE community members, giving us the opportunity to connect… Continue reading

Minsoo Thigpen

In school, I’ve thought myself as the painter who happened to also do math and never the other way around. It’s a very dissociative way of attending your math classes to be honest. Even though I’m in a dual degree program at Brown University and R.I. School of Design, and I’m rightfully an Applied Math… Continue reading

Wendi Sapp

Without the existence of the BE program, I would never have been able to attend the CSE17 conference. I met so many great people and was exposed to research well outside my field. The content of the BE activities challenged me to think about my academic and career path in a new light. Was I… Continue reading

Aishat Motolani

I had been to only one conference before attending BE program. I had the usual preparation before I embarked on my journey. Printed out the agenda, selected the workshops I was going to attend, learn as much as possible, meet new people, and come back with a report for my mentor. I still did all… Continue reading