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Testimonial: Pathways to Success

Pathways to Success Testimonial: Janette Garcia

The “Pathways to Success” workshop made me realized that there are many people that have overcome difficult situations in life, and even though their lives were not easy, they never gave up. Something common that all of us had was our persistence to keep moving forward no matter what. Some of us were just starting… Continue reading

Pathways to Success Testimonial: Grace Rodriguez

Grace Rodriguez Gomez (University of Puerto Rico) had a BE epiphany. “When I was in high school, I wanted to major in Art at a community college. When friends and family told me I couldn’t earn a living with an Art degree, I enrolled in a Computer Engineering program,” she said. When her creativity wasn’t… Continue reading

Pathways to Success Testimonal: Melissa Romanus

The Pathways to Success workshop was extremely beneficial to me, as well as emotional. When I came to BE SIAM I was feeling horrible about having to switch research groups and essentially ‘start over.’ When I heard the stories of the different paths everyone had been on, the struggles they had overcome, and how successful… Continue reading

Yashema Mack

I was first introduced to High Performance Computing (HPC) and Mary Ann Leung at the Richard Tapia conference in 2009, where she gave a presentation in the doctoral showcase. Her presentation was so profound that I, merely a student in Computer Science trying to find my niche and how I would advance in the field,… Continue reading