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SRP Testimonial

Rafael Zamora-Resendiz

I am most proud of being able to say that I’ve worked on meaningful scientific problems. Be itlearning more about cancer-causing RAS protein mutations or finding ways of detectinghomelessness and suicide over terabytes of electronic health care data, I always believed that,as scientists, we have a civil and ethical duty to use our talents to… Continue reading

Dr. Xinlian Liu

When I applied for the SRP workshop in 2016, I had no idea what to expect. I accidentally readabout the SRP workshop in an email list from the Shodor Institute, and thankfully, met Dr. Leungand Dr. Crivelli.Thanks to Dr. Crivelli’s close guidance and two exceedingly talented students, Tom Corcoranand Rafael Zamora-Rezendiz, our first project, constructing… Continue reading

Dr. Silvia Crivelli

In 2016 my work was focused on the all elusive protein structure prediction problem. I had beenworking on this problem for many years and my group had applied machine learning techniquesto advance the field but we had not tried deep learning (DL). I thought it was time for it and I waslooking for a collaborator… Continue reading

Yuan Zeng, Lehigh University

I went to Berkeley Lab twice during Summer 2018 and Summer 2019 through the SustainableResearch Pathways program. During the first summer, I was working on building an analyticalmodel to evaluate the performance impact of several new architecture designs, whichcontributes to a project that develops accelerators for high-performance computing applications.During the second summer, I was working… Continue reading

Nikita Acharya, City College of New York City & University of New York

SRP is a great opportunity for networking, connecting with experienced people working in ourfocused research area, and learning about great ongoing work in different research areas apartfrom our own research area. During the summer, my research work was focused on generating multimode test points forquantum circuits. I got the chance to connect with my mentors focused… Continue reading

Claire West, University of Washington

This was a great opportunity for me to be taught by different scientists and learn a new field.Much of my outlook on scientific research is influenced by my narrow academic network ofcollaborators. It was important to me to see how others relate to science and to hear thepassion and excitement from the postdocs and staff… Continue reading

Anu Trivedi, Virginia Tech

My experience during the past two summers working in the Computational Research Division atBerkeley Lab has been extremely rewarding and has shaped my future plans. My faculty mentorwas unable to work at the lab with me due to prior commitments, which was difficult at first, but Iwas able to quickly adjust due to the welcoming… Continue reading

Malena Espanol, University of Akron

As  an applied mathematician working on materials science and image processing,  I participated in the SRP Workshop twice. In both opportunities I had a great experience and I was able to coordinate with researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) to send undergraduate students to work there during the summer. The students… Continue reading

Derek Jones, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

As a University of Kentucky computer science master’s student, I was fortunate to connect with SHI, which accelerated my development by making it possible for me to learn from top experts though an internship at Berkeley Lab. I applied machine learning models in HPC environments to tackle drug discovery modeling that would not be possible… Continue reading

Sally Ellingson, University of Kentucky

I was honored to be invited to work over the summer and bring two students with me. We worked on improving the accuracy of drug binding predictions. It was exciting to see my students working side-by-side in a true interdisciplinary team. I returned the next summer to transfer the same problem into a machine learning… Continue reading