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SRP Testimonial

Jai Huntley, Hampton University

I am an Electrical Engineering major from Hampton University. My advisor, Dr. Sun invited me to form part of her SRP team. This was my first research experience and it is amazing to see how much my confidence has grown in 10 weeks in the quantum computing. I have a better understanding of  quantum computing, quantum… Continue reading

Dr. Gang Xu, University of Central Oklahoma

“The computational expertise and resources at the Berkeley Lab are uniquely suited for researchers who want to explore or further develop their computational aspect of the project. This experience certainly paved the way for continued collaboration and expanded my research capacity.”

Abdullah Sharmin, PhD Student University of Texas, El Paso

“The most exciting aspect of working at Berkeley Lab is undoubtedly my daily interactions with the brilliant minds present here. As a PhD student and researcher, the meetings and conversations I’ve had with the amazing and diverse crowd working here have been educational, invaluable, and in many cases, eye-opening. “

Dr. Rodolfo Aguirre, University of Texas, El Paso

“It is exciting to be working in a diverse environment with a diverse group of scientist of different backgrounds. It is really amazing to work for a laboratory where there have been great discoveries and several Novel prizes.”