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Ruslan Shaydulin

Participating in Broader Engagement was way more fun than I expected! Sharing breakfast with exciting people was an awesome, and frankly a unique opportunity to talk about many of the questions I had at the time about life and research. The program is incredibly well-organized and easy to recommend to anybody, student or early-career. The… Continue reading

Pulkita Jain

I am Pulkita Jain, an international student studying chemical engineering at Santa Barbara City College. I applied to the BE program and SIAM CSE19 conference through Phi Theta Kappa. I was apprehensive to apply because I am merely a city college student who was majoring in chemical engineering. When I was told that I will… Continue reading

Priscilla Kelly

The best part of the BE program was meeting people from diverse backgrounds and seeing the same passion about science and math that I have. Being able to open our discussions to a broader conversation with group leaders was insightful and encouraging. A program like this is essential to the future of math and science. Students… Continue reading

Kevin Luna

First and foremost, I want to enthusiastically express that as a PhD student who has participated in a good number of conference experiences over my student career, I consider the Broader Engagement (BE) program experience to have been absolutely the most valuable and empowering conference experience I have had to date as a student. The… Continue reading

Kaayla Tippens

Life is about taking risks, getting completely out of your comfort zone, and learning how to come together from different walks of life to achieve common goals filled with unity and improvement. 

My name is Kaayla Tippins, and I now stand as a second-year graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Bioinformatics. When attending Broader… Continue reading

Aimee Maurais

It’s 9:00 pm on a frigid February night in Spokane, WA, and I am an undergraduate senior sitting in a cafe with three strangers discussing inverse problems, quantum computing, and partial differential equations. (envision Nighthawks by Edward Hopper). For an introvert from the south, the surreality of the situation is ridiculous, and yet I feel… Continue reading

Louis Romero

My name is Louis Paul Romero.  I am a California Community College student at Hartnell College in Salinas awaiting transfer for Fall 2018 to the University of California with an intended transfer major of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  I am the first student in my college to have earned a Research Experience… Continue reading

Lukas WinklerPrins

I think my position was relatively unique in being treated like faculty while being closer, in age and development, to many of the undergraduate students. I was able to move freely between both groups and this was helpful for asserting where I am in life.

For me, the most influential part was the mentor-mentee matchmaking.… Continue reading

Rafael Zamora-Resendiz

I first got involved with the SRP Program through my college professor, Dr. Xinlian Liu. He was planning to participate in research project at LBNL over the summer, and he invited me to come with to work on the project as well. So far, I am really enjoying my experience! The SRP Program has allowed… Continue reading

Elise Bishoff

I first discovered the opportunity to participate in the SRP Program’s summer research internship through my math professor, Wai Lau. Before participating, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now that I am here, I am having the best time! I really appreciate having the opportunity to learn about a new subject and to participate… Continue reading

Tom Corcoran

I first became involved in the SRP Program when my advisor, Dr. Xinlian Liu, recommended me for the summer research internship at Berkeley lab. So far, my experience at the lab has been great. I feel very fortunate to be able to work on real-world applications of distributed machine learning on supercomputers with the HPC… Continue reading

Dr. Sally Ellingson

Participating in the SRP Program has been a very beneficial experience to me! The SRP matching workshop allowed me the unique opportunity to meet with a number of esteemed researchers at LBNL and understand how their expertise could advance my own research. The best part of the workshop was making several matches and being invited… Continue reading

Javier Rojas

Participating in the program was an experience unlike any other. I believe the program was very engaging and intuitive. I appreciated the Guided affinity groups as they increased learning in technical conference sessions. The Mentor Protégé Program was also worthwhile since it matched us with SIAM CSE community members, giving us the opportunity to connect… Continue reading

Minsoo Thigpen

In school, I’ve thought myself as the painter who happened to also do math and never the other way around. It’s a very dissociative way of attending your math classes to be honest. Even though I’m in a dual degree program at Brown University and R.I. School of Design, and I’m rightfully an Applied Math… Continue reading

Wendi Sapp

Without the existence of the BE program, I would never have been able to attend the CSE17 conference. I met so many great people and was exposed to research well outside my field. The content of the BE activities challenged me to think about my academic and career path in a new light. Was I… Continue reading

Aishat Motolani

I had been to only one conference before attending BE program. I had the usual preparation before I embarked on my journey. Printed out the agenda, selected the workshops I was going to attend, learn as much as possible, meet new people, and come back with a report for my mentor. I still did all… Continue reading

SIAM CSE15 Testimonial: Mark Jack

I signed up for the SIAM CSE15 BE program, because I wanted to share my experience as a fairly novel user of HPC resources with a younger person who is just starting out in that area to encourage her and point out some resources that might be helpful. I know that starting out in the… Continue reading

SIAM CSE15 Testimonial: Vicky Fondjo

I signed up for SIAM CSE15 BE program because of my need to interact with peers, exchange ideas, ask a lot of questions and eventually get new ideas to implement for my career goals. It really was an amazing experience. I had a wonderful conference experience, I enjoyed the career and professional development, and I… Continue reading

Pathways to Success Testimonial: Janette Garcia

The “Pathways to Success” workshop made me realized that there are many people that have overcome difficult situations in life, and even though their lives were not easy, they never gave up. Something common that all of us had was our persistence to keep moving forward no matter what. Some of us were just starting… Continue reading

SIAM CSE15 Testimonial: Janette Garcia

The main reason why I applied to the SIAM CSE15 Broader Engagement (BE) program is because I wanted to learn more about the opportunities to enroll into a graduate program. I love to learn more about graduate student’s research, and be aware of the many distinct research areas that I can pursue.

The most important… Continue reading

SIAM CSE15 Testimonial: Jay Bardhan

I volunteered to be a mentor for the SIAM CSE15 BE program several reasons! First of all, the mentoring program focuses on the vital challenge of improving diversity in STEM and CSE, and I wanted to support Sustainable Horizons Institute’s efforts in this direction. Second, undergraduate research is recognized as an important way to increase… Continue reading

Pathways to Success Testimonial: Grace Rodriguez

Grace Rodriguez Gomez (University of Puerto Rico) had a BE epiphany. “When I was in high school, I wanted to major in Art at a community college. When friends and family told me I couldn’t earn a living with an Art degree, I enrolled in a Computer Engineering program,” she said. When her creativity wasn’t… Continue reading

SIAM CSE15 Testimonial: Melissa Romanus

I was initially attracted to the SIAM CSE15 conference based on the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration and exciting research at the intersection of physical sciences and computer science. As a joint-PhD student between the departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computational Biology & Molecular Biophysics, my work forces me to devise solutions that not… Continue reading

Pathways to Success Testimonal: Melissa Romanus

The Pathways to Success workshop was extremely beneficial to me, as well as emotional. When I came to BE SIAM I was feeling horrible about having to switch research groups and essentially ‘start over.’ When I heard the stories of the different paths everyone had been on, the struggles they had overcome, and how successful… Continue reading

Jose Portillo

I was born to a family of coffee growers in Nicaragua. When I graduated High School my mother insisted for us to move to the United States where education is best and opportunities greater. When I arrived to Miami Florida I started taking English and grammar courses in order to learn the language and be… Continue reading

Jonathan Vega

When I met Mary Ann I had a keen instinct that engineering or a STEM major was for me and it was the path of life that I wanted to follow.  But before I talk about how Mary Ann was my mentor, I think it is important to mention where my keen instinct came… Continue reading

Alex Rodriguez

I met Mary Ann during my first years as a fellow of the DOE CSGF program. Among our many interactions, I especially recall one of the first conversations we had at the yearly CSGF conference where, despite having been away from her research for several years, she managed to clearly and passionately explain her PhD… Continue reading

Yashema Mack

I was first introduced to High Performance Computing (HPC) and Mary Ann Leung at the Richard Tapia conference in 2009, where she gave a presentation in the doctoral showcase. Her presentation was so profound that I, merely a student in Computer Science trying to find my niche and how I would advance in the field,… Continue reading

Heather Mayes


I know Mary Ann from the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. For most of us, she personifies the program in its aim to train us to be the most successful scientist possible. Professional and personal development of scientists is extremely important to Mary Ann, as evidenced by how quickly and whole-heartedly she responds to… Continue reading

Tyler Bonnen

For many of us, an education does not come easy. The math and the sciences even less so; linear, rigorous, and unambiguous in their outcomes. Especially for those of us that are under represented in the sciences–because of gender, age, race, ability, or class status–sometimes its difficult to feel like we measure up.

I remember… Continue reading