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Jose Portillo

I was born to a family of coffee growers in Nicaragua. When I graduated High School my mother insisted for us to move to the United States where education is best and opportunities greater. When I arrived to Miami Florida I started taking English andRead more

Jonathan Vega

When I met Mary Ann I had a keen instinct that engineering or a STEM major was for me and it was the path of life that I wanted to follow.  But before I talk about how Mary Ann was my mentor, I think it is important to mention where my keen instinctRead more

Alex Rodriguez

I met Mary Ann during my first years as a fellow of the DOE CSGF program. Among our many interactions, I especially recall one of the first conversations we had at the yearly CSGF conference where, despite having been away from her research for severRead more

Yashema Mack

I was first introduced to High Performance Computing (HPC) and Mary Ann Leung at the Richard Tapia conference in 2009, where she gave a presentation in the doctoral showcase. Her presentation was so profound that I, merely a student in Computer ScienRead more

Heather Mayes

  I know Mary Ann from the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. For most of us, she personifies the program in its aim to train us to be the most successful scientist possible. Professional and personal development of scientists is extRead more

Tyler Bonnen

For many of us, an education does not come easy. The math and the sciences even less so; linear, rigorous, and unambiguous in their outcomes. Especially for those of us that are under represented in the sciences--because of gender, age, race, abilityRead more