Prof. Ana Becerra

Institution: Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Department: Computer Science

Proposed research ideas:

The technology is becoming more and more accessible so people can use it without much work at learning how to use it. This has led to our devices become connected through the internet, sensitive to the dissemination of unwanted information. We in our projects and investigations are constantly exposed to the “Internet of Things”. Concepts such as hardware and software, protocols and terminology of IoT are of great interest to us. As part of helping people to continue relying on technology, we want to develop algorithms and methods that allow us to keep the data sent to IoT devices safe. Mobile malware static and dynamic analysis in android with reverse engineering applied. Detects stolen information in large data. Development tools to detect network attacks with Internet to things (IoT) Works with algorithms that can find a pattern recognition to detect attacks Build an analytical methodologies and visualization for extracted large data


I would like my students and I to participate in this wonderful opportunity to gain experience and could share with other students and scientists in different areas Other important thing is that this kind of Projects introduce to the students to relevant cybersecurity topics, and helping them discover areas of interest. That the students can work directly with research scientists in different projects, for example, exploiting software and hardware vulnerabilities, algorithm development, developing secure technologies, data analysis, give to them the opportunity to help other students and motivate more students to study this specifically areas. I would like to include more girls students in this computer science and help them to apply to research projects. For us, especially for me, this represented a significant challenge both professionally and academically. However, it also gave me the opportunity not only to work with a wonderful group of teammates, but also to use my skills and knowledge in order to accomplish a common goal, and that was very rewarding.