Broader Engagement at SIAM CSE17

Broader Engagement at SIAM CSE17  

be_siam_logoWe are pleased to announce that due to the success of CSE15 BE program, SHI has been asked to organize another Broader Engagement program at the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) 2017 Computational Science and Engineering (CSE17) conference.

The goals of the SIAM CSE17 BE program are to bring students to the conference, engage them in conference activities and the computational science and engineering (CSE) community, and provide special programming to enhance their experience as well as impact their career trajectory.

BE participants are recruited from groups underrepresented in CSE, such as women, minorities, people with disabilities, first generation scholars, and people from under-privileged backgrounds. For many participants, SIAM CSE17 will be their first experience at a scientific conference. Many will be undergraduate students from minority serving institutions, women’s and community colleges, or small liberal arts colleges. For some, attending SIAM CSE17 will have a dramatic impact on their future.

Participants are provided with travel support to attend the full technical program at SIAM CSE17.  In addition, a variety of special activities will be organized through the BE program including:

We are also recruiting volunteers, sponsors, and donors.

More information can be found here:
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CSE15 BE Program Results

Stories from the SIAM 2015 CSE Broader Engagement Program

Melissa Romanus

melissa_romanus-300x261I knew that SIAM BE was going to be different from the very first meeting – when the icebreaker was engaging, not awkward. Human Bingo got people to really open up and find things out about one another. This conference really helped me to break out of my shell. I am usually very shy and introverted, but at this conference, I tried to push myself to contribute to conversations and network with as many people as I could. I wound up forging great relationships with my peers (whom I still keep in touch with), as well as making some great contacts at national labs. I traveled to Berkeley Labs for an internship, which was the result of networking that occurred at BE SIAM.

Jay Bardhan

sp-1598-post-1929I volunteered to be a mentor for the SIAM CSE15 BE program several reasons!

It was encouraging and inspiring to see students’ enthusiasm for their work, and great to talk with my mentee about her path to pursue interdisciplinary education and research!  My immediate takeaway from watching the students’ talks at CSE was that similar programs should be started across the country, in all branches of STEM and CSE. I’d like to know how we as a community might support such an initiative. I would absolutely volunteer again, and I’d recommend everyone do so if they have an opportunity! My mentee, and the other students who participated in the program, brought an infectious enthusiasm and curiosity to their work, and to possible career paths.

Janette Garcia

sp-1598-post-1933The most important benefits that I received from participating in BE program were the educational support as well as the motivation to pursue a PhD in a STEM field. Unfortunately, at my current institution, I do not always obtain that support, and sometimes this lack of support makes me feel like it is impossible to reach my long term academic goals. Furthermore, attending SIAM CSE15 had an impact in my leadership as well as in my academic development. The program inspired me to work harder in order to accomplish my short-term goals which included conducting research during summer 2015 as well as starting an outreach program to mentor middle school students and I managed to accomplish those goals. During spring 2015, I led an IgniteCS outreach program sponsored by Google in my local community. After that, I conducted research at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Thanks to the advice provided by BE mentors, and the professional development activities, I am a step closer to making my dreams come true.

Mark Jack

mark_jack2I signed up for the SIAM CSE15 BE program, because I wanted to share my experience as a fairly novel user of HPC resources with a younger person who is just starting out in that area to encourage her and point out some resources that might be helpful. I know that starting out in the field can be very challenging when one does not have the necessary support structure or resources.  It was a great experience to be both a mentor and a protegé. I was able to give an undergraduate student some helpful pointers towards starting graduate school while my mentor introduced me to a number of his staff members for further discussion.