Carmen Quiros

Carmen serves as Project Coordinator at Sustainable Horizons Institute. She is an enthusiastic and intellectual individual with a wide experience in the administration of research studies. As a project administrator professional with a multifaceted set of management skills and with over ten years of experience working in the higher education and non-profit sector, Carmen brings a diverse and a fresh perspective to any project she engages in.

Carmen received a Bachelors degree in Communications from San Diego State University and professional certification for project management. As an undergrad, she worked for the U.S. Geological Survey serving as administrative support to the Hydrology Research Dept. Her exposure to several ecological studies paired with advanced engineering software motivated her to pursue other research-based positions throughout her professional career.

After graduation and motivated by her previous experience in research, she joined the San Diego Research Foundation as Project Coordinator for the Institute of Behavioral and Community Health (IBACH). IBACH’s mission is to build the evidence-base of behavioral, social, cultural and built environmental factors associated with health disparities, and methods for ameliorating these factors through interventions. As Project Coordinator, Carmen formed part of multiple public health research studies. Amongst them, the Hispanic Community Health Study (HCHS/SOL). HCHS/SOL is the prestigious most comprehensive study of Hispanic/Latino health and disease in the United States, which primary goals are to describe the prevalence of selected chronic diseases the risk and/or protective factors associated with these conditions; and the relationship between the initial health profiles and future health events in Hispanics and Latinos from diverse heritage groups living in the United States. During her time at IBACH, she developed a solid reputation for successfully administering numerous concurrent project grants exceeding 20 million in direct costs annually while effectively and simultaneously running all aspects of project coordination.

Inspired by her desire to bring positive social change to underrepresented communities, Carmen partnered with the Institute for Public Strategies to help reduce the number of alcohol outlets for below a standard of quality communities. Working in collaboration with City officials and IPS organizers, Carmen assisted in the effort to pass deemed approved permits and establish public nuisance standards for existing all alcohol-serving establishments to help improve levels of health and safety in such financially stressed areas.

Carmen has also held leadership roles in many other organizations. She was a Project Coordinator at the South Bay Latino Center of Excellence located in Chula Vista, CA and most recently, Coordinator for the West Valley Campuses at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. Ms. Quiros diverse background as a bilingual and bicultural individual brings a unique perspective to the Sustainable Horizons Institute. She is driven by her desire to share her experiences and works to promote equity for social minorities and disadvantaged groups in higher education. During her spare time, Carmen enjoys reading, writing, and mentoring students to help them grow their career and achieve their academic aspirations.