Dr. Sally Ellingson

Participating in the SRP Program has been a very beneficial experience to me! The SRP matching workshop allowed me the unique opportunity to meet with a number of esteemed researchers at LBNL and understand how their expertise could advance my own research. The best part of the workshop was making several matches and being invited to participate in the summer research program with my students. I was not expecting to make so many matches during the workshop, and it was rewarding to see so many scientists interested in collaborating with me!

Since my first experience with the program in 2015, I have built several new collaborations and strengthened my professional network. Through SRP, I was able to meet and collaborate with Dr. Bert de Jong, a highly distinguished computational chemist at Berkeley Lab, and I have recently had the opportunity to present a peer-reviewed paper on our collaboration at the International Conference on Computational Sciences in Switzerland. My work at the lab last summer led to a number of scientific accomplishments, as well as another opportunity to spend the summer of 2017 at the lab! If Dr. Leung had not invited me to apply for the workshop, I wouldn’t have had known about any of these incredible opportunities. I am delighted to have Dr. Leung as part of my network and grateful for all the wonderful opportunities she works so hard to provide others.