Dr. Huajun Fan

Institution: Prairie View AM University

Department: Chemistry

Proposed research ideas: 

While my current modeling interests are on the reaction mechanism study of organic/inorganic/organometallic system, the energy profile of composite materials in the energy application such as solar energy, biofuel conversion, I would like to explore other computational modeling research area, including the hardware and software benchmark, data processing/management.


I took six students of PVAMU, an HBCU institute to Ames Lab from 2010 to 2012 where I saw the value of such faculty and student team where we worked with scientists national lab side-by-side. Since then, I have been able to attract external funding to support students at PVAMU to carry out research. By using the computational modeling tools such as Gaussian and VASP, students can learn a great deal of amount scientific research skills. I am currently mentored ~20 minority students at PVAMU every semester. All of them can receive basic modeling and chemistry training at PVAMU. I would like to use this opportunity to sharpen my skills and learn the advanced techniques and have more exposure from the scientists at Berkeley Lab.