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A Brighter Scientific Future is on the Horizon

We are pleased to announce a new program aimed at promoting sustainable and inclusive pathways in the computational science and engineering (CSE) communities.  In partnership with the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Sustainable Horizons Institute is leading the development of a Broader Engagement (BE) program at the 2015 Computational Science and Engineering (CSE15) conference.

This program will capitalize on our experience successfully leading Supercomputing Conference BE programs to enhance and transform the activities to the SIAM CSE community.  While there are very successful computing conference venues focused on diversity, such as the Grace Hopper and the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing conferences, this effort focuses on infiltrating the mainstream peer-reviewed scientific communities with diversity focused programming.  Through this project, we seek funding to support students and early career faculty and professionals to participate in an inaugural cohort of participants in a broader engagement program at the SIAM CSE15 conference.

Key Benefits

The SIAM CSE15 BE program will provide scientific training, mentoring, and career and professional development to students, faculty, and professionals who aspire to broaden their experience in research- based professional activities.  The program applies proven methods of engaging people from under-represented communities in mainstream scientific and engineering communities.  This program will directly impact the broadening of computing and computational science participants.  Program attendees will be recruited from populations traditionally underrepresented: women, under-represented minorities, first-generation students, people with disabilities, and people serving these communities.  The project will increase the participation in a major technical conference of people traditionally underrepresented in the field and provide important and meaningful mentoring and professional development opportunities.

  • We are now accepting applications to attend the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2015 Computational Science and Engineering conference.
  • Activities include:
    • Full technical program:
    • Mentor Protege Program
    • Professional Development Day
    • Student Day
    • Career Fair
    • Career Panel
    • Diversity Workshop
  • Apply here.
  • Application deadline: Friday, January 16, 2015
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