#GivingTuesday SIAM CSE19 Broader Engagement Program Fundraiser

The season for charitable donations is upon us. On Tuesday you can make the most of your donation by contributing through our FaceBook campaign. This year, FaceBook and PayPal are MATCHING donations for #GivingTuesday.

Your donations will fund student travel to the SIAM CSE19 conference in Spokane, Washington at the end of February 2019.


BE Alumni Testimonials

2017 BE Program Alumna Minsoo Thigpen:
“In school, I’ve thought myself as the painter who happened to also do math and never the other way around. . . The BE program wasn’t just a community and a scientific family I became a part of, it helped me to really understand things I didn’t even know I wanted before. It’s helped to define a lot of my goals. . .” Read More Here!

2015 Broader Engagement Program Alumna Vicky Fondjo:
This experience was transformative–both professionally and personally. I went home empowered. Not only did the experience provide me with an opportunity to make a change/make a difference in the lives of students, but it also provided me the opportunity to grow and learn about myself as a research faculty and as a person.” Read More Here

2017 Broader Engagement Program Alumni Javier Rojas:
Participating in the program was an experience unlike any other. I believe the program was very engaging and intuitive.” Read More Here!

2017 BE Program Alumna Aishat Motolani:
“The BE program flipped the script- it wasn’t just a typical conference. Instead, we had fun while learning and we learned while having fun.” Read More Here!

2017 BE Program Alumni Lukas WinklerPrins:
“I see attending SIAM CSE through BE as a turning point for me . . . I’m now invested in going back into mathematics and engineering. The BE Program was a huge part of that decision.” Read More Here!

2015 Broader Engagement Program Volunteer Jay Bardhan
“It was encouraging and inspiring to see students’ enthusiasm for their work, and great to talk with my mentee about her path to pursue interdisciplinary education and research!” Read More Here!