Multiple GRA Positions at Emory University

Join the Distributed Computing Group at Emory University!

Multiple Fall ‘17: CS PhD (and MS) research assistants interested in cutting-edge, extreme-scale distributed systems. Time is of the essence, particularly if not already enrolled at Emory!


If interested, send to Prof. Dorian Arnold (email:  web: ):

  1. Brief statement of interest
  2. Résumé that highlights your relevant experiences
  3. Copy of your academic transcript (unofficial okay)
  4. GRE scores, if taken and not already enrolled at Emory (unofficial okay)
  5. Names of two references (with affiliation, phone number and email address)


Minimum Qualifications:

*Interest in computer systems-oriented research

* Strong computer science or mathematical undergraduate foundation

* Strong software development skills

* Programming proficiency in C/C++

* Strong oral/written communication and collaboration skills


Preferred Qualifications:
* Advanced UNIX programming

* Strong mathematical foundation

* Experience developing “system-level” software

* Experience with batch-scheduled environments

* Experience developing distributed system software


Project 1: HPC Application Resilience:

Our SMURFS project (Simulation and Modeling for Understanding Resilience and Faults at Scale) studies resilience for extreme scale applications. Specifically, SMURFS explores: (1) Advanced predictive simulation and modeling capabilities for studying application resilience; (2) Comprehensive comparative fault-tolerance studies; and (3) how application features interplay with different fault-tolerance strategies and hardware technologies. This NSF-sponsored project is intended to lead to multiple Ph.D. dissertations.


Project 2: HPC Software Test Development:

As part of a partnership between Cray Inc. and Emory University, the successful candidate will help to test HPC software on advanced architectures, primarily Cray Supercomputers. He or she will collaborate with faculty, students and staff (including Cray engineers) to apply standard software engineering techniques to assess software functionality and quality.


Additional preferred qualifications for this project:

* U.S. citizen or permanent resident

* Fortran programming experience

* Familiarity with automated software testing frameworks

* Experiences working with large software projects

* Significant software engineering and testing skills

* Scripting proficiency with Python, Perl, shell scripts, etc.


Other Potential Research Projects

1. Extreme-scale Program Analysis: this project explores software execution models that emulate or predict large scale program behavior based on small scale executions.

2. Self-Adaptive Runtime Systems: this project explores scalable, autonomic system mechanisms that allow exascale tools and applications to operate effectively without reliance on human expertise.

3. Sustainable Personal Computing: this project revisits the thin-client/fat-server computational model for cheaper, more energy efficient, higher utilization “home” computing, while maintaining or even elevating the user experience.