Jetstream: A Hands on Tutorial

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1:30 pm – 3:10 pm

Location: Room 207

Jetstream is the first of its kind production cloud resource intended to support science and engineering research. As part of XSEDE, the goal is to aid researchers across the United States that need modest amounts of interactive computing power. Part of the goal in implementing Jetstream is to increase the disciplinary diversity of the XD ecosystem as well as to reach non-traditional researchers that may have HPC needs but have not had adequate access or have faced other barriers to HPC usage. In our session, we would spend the first thirty minutes discussing the architecture and use of Jetstream followed by a short question and answer session, and then spend the remainder of the time showing Jetstream in use as well as allowing attendees to get on and try the system.

Bring your laptop to this session.

Presented by Jeremy Fischer

Jeremy Fischer is the Senior Technical Adviser for the Jetstream project, working for UITS Research Technologies at Indiana University. Prior to returning to IU in 2012, he was the Director for Unix Systems and Security at a regional ISP and was the CEO of a multi-store retail chain for ten years following that. Finding that technology was his true professional passion, he returned to IU, first working with small scale clusters and then with practical applications of cloud computing. As part of the Jetstream team, he contributes as the technical outreach lead to researchers and also as the author and librarian for the virtual machine featured images among other duties. He has learned enough about OpenStack to be well and truly dangerous and probably shouldn’t have root on those systems.