Leung Publishes in Computing Research News on SC13 Broader Engagement Program

Dr. Mary Ann Leung, Sustainble Horizons Institute Founder and President, has published an article in the Computing Resarch News January 2014 edition with Geri Lamble.  The article, entitled “Expanding the Pipeline: SC13 Supercomputing Conference”, describes how the program is working to increase the number of under-represented individuals (Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, women, and people with diabilities), in the SCxy conference series as well as in the fields of high performance computing and computational science and engineering.  Leung served as the Deputy Chair for the SC13, as Co-Chair for the SC09, currently serves as Chair for SC14, and has been an invited speaker in the Broader Engagement program in the past.  Geri Lamble is a STEM advocate and re-entry engineering graduate student at Santa Clara University.  Lamble served as the SC13 Broader Engagement Mentor Protege subcommittee chair.  Lamble and Leung met through a webinar that Leung presented as part of the Tapia Celebration in Computing conference series.  Leung serves as Lamble’s mentor.