Managing Stress

Here are some tips for managing built up stress from the school year:self-improve

  • Consider taking a time management or self-improvement course (usually these are 1 day courses offered by your university or a local library).
  • Remember your mentor or school can often help if you’re feeling overwhelmed! Together, you can you make a plan to make next semester a bit easier or identify what is causing you so much stress.
  • College/university is extremely stressful and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Sometimes you just need a break — enough sleep, a normal routine, healthy eating/exercise, etc. — but if that’s not the case, you might be struggling with something more serious. If you find your stress or moods are interfering with your life or your ability to function at school, try checking in with a mental health professional. Your school often provides resources. In addition, a great resource for college/university students dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, etc. is: Also check out the American College Health Association (ACHA)’s Healthy Campus 2020 initiative:
  • Do something fun! Take a glassblowing course, paint, read, etc. Travel! Volunteer your time at a funsoup kitchen, dog shelter, hospital, cause you care about, etc. Self-care is just as important to your future as STEM-based enrichment is.