Nikita Acharya, City College of New York City & University of New York

SRP is a great opportunity for networking, connecting with experienced people working in our
focused research area, and learning about great ongoing work in different research areas apart
from our own research area. 
During the summer, my research work was focused on generating multimode test points for
quantum circuits. I got the chance to connect with my mentors focused on my research area
and learn a lot from them. Their suggestions and feedback helped me make good progress in
research work. They were always there to clear any doubts and also made sure that I had
access to all the resources and materials required for my research. With these resources, we
were able to increase the scope of the research and make it more generic. The work is ongoing,
and we plan to submit this work to a journal this November. 
It was a great experience working at Berkeley Lab this summer. I missed the actual in person
lab experience as the program was remote due to the current pandemic. However, I was able to
connect with my mentors and other people working on different research areas virtually and
gain new experience. The different events and workshops scheduled as a part of the summer
program were really helpful. Through these events, I was able to gain insights into the ongoing
works of different research areas.