Pursuing Graduate School and Career Paths, William Godoy


In this Guided Affinity Group we will talk about career paths for those planning to pursue a graduate school degree. Students and faculty can share their questions and experiences on different career paths: academia, national labs and industry. In particular, we would point out the importance of having a diverse network for collaboration, being part of a scientific community, and the role of professional societies. We will also expose the audience to the different kind of expectations as people progress in their professional careers levels and uptake on early, mid and senior roles. Overall, we hope students will get exposure to these topics to get a grasp of the landscape in science.

Short Biography:

Dr. William F Godoy joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2016, currently a Senior Computer Scientist in the Computational Science and Mathematics Division. A native of Peru, his background is in Mechanical Engineering with a strong research and development focus on the computational aspects of large-scale scientific modeling and simulation using high performance computing (HPC). He obtained his PhD in 2009 from the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Prior experiences include a Senior Software Engineer position at Intel Corporation, 2012-2016, and a postdoctoral fellow at NASA Langley Research Center, 2009-2012.


I have realized the importance of exposing students and faculty members to topics that are relevant for their careers and their experience in SRP-HPC as a whole. Touching on “big picture” topics will expose participants to aspects such as diversity, networking and career paths, which will help them navigate in their professional life beyond the required technical skills.