Rafael Zamora-Resendiz

I first got involved with the SRP Program through my college professor, Dr. Xinlian Liu. He was planning to participate in research project at LBNL over the summer, and he invited me to come with to work on the project as well. So far, I am really enjoying my experience! The SRP Program has allowed me to expand my skills in High Performance Computing while also allowing me to make connections to experts who can lead me in regards to the current research project and possible future work. I feel very fortunate to have the ability to work on large scale problems with all the resources available in the lab. The most exciting part of the summer research program has been the opportunity to research topics that have not yet been fully explored. Participating in the summer research program has sparked my interest for a career in research, and has also provided me with a strong foundation for a research career.

I feel that the SRP program allows participants to get as much out of the program as they put in. My advice to future participants is to to take full advantage of all the resources available to you, and do not be scared to explore ideas outside of your particular discipline. Do your best to make as many connections as you can, and you will continue to see benefits long after you participate!