Ricardo Ferriera

I never realize the value in computer science (CS) until I got accepted to go to the internship at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab.  Seeing what programming is and experiencing the power of it opened my eyes to how intertwined CS is in your everyday life! I am not a skilled programmer, I don’t have a great understanding of it either, but I hope going to the SIAM meeting will expose me to more knowledge and people who can help me with my future to incorporate CS courses into my major. I plan on taking CS course at University of Texas at Dallas. I am originally chemistry major, I planned on being a professor, but half way through the internship all that changed and CS gripped me. My hope is to get accepted and learn from other speakers, professionals, and make contacts. I have every desire to incorporate CS to my major; I just don’t know what’s the best route. I believe that going to the SIAM meeting will help me in choosing that path.  Read more about Ricardo’s WeFold experience here.