Dr. Md Salam

Institution: Southern University

Department: Computer Science

Proposed research ideas:

I am a professor of computer science and I have been teaching various courses in the field of computer science including computer architecture and organization, networking, wireless sensor networks, and operating systems. I am more interested in the field of networking and security area. I would be much interested to work in the cybersecurity-related area at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Since the usage of cyberspace has grown tremendously over the recent years, it is very crucial that we keep the valuable information safe and secure. In order to achieve a safer cyberspace, we need to have better security tools that will protect us from the malicious attacks in our cyber network. I plan to work closely with the scientists in this field and gain a better understanding of the concept and develop a new tool for protecting the cyberspace from any kinds of unwanted attacks especially the distributed denial of service attack.


Faculty training at the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley National Lab will help me to develop research base at Southern University, which will enrich students’ enrollment and learning process. By familiarizing with the professionals who practice the discipline, I will gain insight into what careers are available for prospective students. I will also be able to see how the concepts of the curriculum lead to successful entry for students’ careers. In overall, this research will generate students’ interest in current and advanced research projects and increase the percentage of minority students seeking graduate studies. It will also enrich me to submit qualitative proposals to federal agencies and thereby conduct quality research with the underrepresented minority students. This opportunity will promote the development of new knowledge and enhance my research productivity.