Sally Ellingson

Dr. Sally R. Ellingson, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Biomedical Informatics, College of Public Health at the University of Kentucky (UK) where she leads the High-Performance Computing (HPC) initiatives at the Cancer Research Informatics (CRI) shared resource facility at the Markey Cancer Center and just this March became a new KL2 scholar funded through the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (CCTS) and College of Medicine at UK. Dr. Ellingson received her PhD from the University of Tennessee (UT) where she worked with the joint UT/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Center for Molecular Biophysics. She is a computational scientist that works at the intersection of HPC and computational biology and bioinformatics. As a member of CRI, she leverages the HPC capabilities of the UK Center for Computational Sciences in order to facilitate research that would not otherwise be possible. Sally has been involved with the Broader Engagement program through the Supercomputing conference since 2010 and loves the environment and opportunities that it creates!


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