SIAM CSE15 Testimonial: Janette Garcia

The main reason why I applied to the SIAM CSE15 Broader Engagement (BE) program is because I wanted to learn more about the opportunities to enroll into a graduate program. I love to learn more about graduate student’s research, and be aware of the many distinct research areas that I can pursue.

The most important benefits that I received from participating in BE program were the educational support as well as the motivation to pursue a PhD in a STEM field. Unfortunately, at my current institution, I do not always obtain that support, and sometimes this lack of support makes me feel like it is impossible to reach my long term academic goals. Fortunately, there exits programs such as the BE program where mentors provide great advice to undergraduates. Now, I feel more confident in making the right decisions which will make of my future a brighter one.

Furthermore, attending SIAM CSE15 had an impact in my leadership as well as in my academic development. The program inspired me to work harder in order to accomplish my short-term goals which included conducting research during summer 2015 as well as starting an outreach program to mentor middle school students. As a matter of fact, I managed to accomplish those goals. During spring 2015, I led an IgniteCS outreach program sponsored by Google in my local community. After that, I conducted research at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Thanks to the advice provided by BE mentors, and the professional development activities, I am a step closer to make my dreams come true. I am very thankful to Mary Ann, National Science Foundation (NSF), and all the people that work hard so these educational programs exist. I would definitely participate in another Broader Engagement program because it has positively impacted my life. Mil Gracias, Thank you very much J