SRP 2017 Faculty Profile: Dr. Henry Boateng, Bates College

Dr. Henry Boateng is a Mathematics Professor at Bates College and a first-year participant in SRP. His research expertise is in particle methods. He works on algorithm and model developments in computational chemistry and materials science. His recent work has focused on particle methods, and he has also worked on continuum problems. He has devoted much of his time at Bates to students’ research needs, and has advised thesis projects in: mathematical biology, computational chemistry, contact dynamics and machine learning.

Reflecting on his SRP experience, Dr. Boateng says: “The SRP program is excellent. I have met Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) scientists and experts in continuum simulations. Pursuing research collaborations with these experts, in their laboratory, has given me the ability to broaden my research program to include continuum simulations.

His experience at Berkeley Lab has given him access to computing resources, including a large cluster. Access to these resources has helped him to advance his work on a periodic tree algorithm. Through the SRP summer program, he has given a first-year freshman from Bates College: a focused research experience in high performance computing, the opportunity to interact with career scientists, and experience at a national lab.