SRP 2017 Faculty Profile: Masakatsu Watanabe, University of Saint Mary

Dr. Masakatsu Watanabe is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas. He describes his team’s summer research experience. “Both Branden Sanchez (left in the picture) and Zachary Douglas had a marvelous time with Silvia Crivelli, other scientists, and other summer interns at LBNL . . . Having many academic challenges, they built a great network for themselves through a collaborative experience at LBNL. I am sure that this summer research experience will encourage them to pursue their goals. The summer research experience also facilitated the expansion of my own professional network. I have found several possible new directions for my research. I will bring these ideas back to University of Saint Mary and use them to develop new research projects for my students”.