Dr. Christopher Paolini, San Diego State University

 Over the summer, Dr. Paolini’s students worked with LBNL developed codes that simulate microscale flows in complex porous media geometries.  The students gained unique skills in using state-of-the-art high-performance computing resources for simulating pore scale, geologic subsurface flow using finite volume, embedded boundary (EB) methods where irregular boundaries are represented by intersecting a geologic domain with a cartesian grid.  Dr. Paolini will continue collaborating with Dr. David Trebotich and other staff scientists in the LBNL Applied Numerical Algorithms Group after this summer experience concludes, and have agreed to work on developing and submitting collaborative Department of Energy research proposals and jointly authored scientific articles in leading journals.  Dr. Paolini thanks the Sustainable Horizons Institute for providing him and his students this prestigious opportunity to work with Dr. David Trebotich and collaborate with other LBNL staff during the summer of 2019.

Christopher Paolini, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, San Diego State University

Left to right: Jonathan Matthews (Computational Science PhD candidate); Dr. David Trebotich, Applied Numerical Algorithms Group Staff Scientist, LBNL Computational Research Division; Dr. Christopher Paolini; Giovanni Garcia (Computer Engineering Undergraduate), Angel Boada (Computational Science PhD candidate); Richard Gonzales (Computer Engineering Undergraduate