SRP 2021 Students

Poster #First NameLast NameInstitutionPoster Title

AssefaBluffton UniversityParallel DFT and Birch-Murnaghan Analysis for Fundamental PV applications

University at Buffalo

Point of Interest Co-location Pattern Mining

CamañoSan Francisco State University

Randomized Linear Algebra for SVD and Iterative Eigenproblems

4 AntonioCobarrubiaSan Diego State UniversityDeveloping SLH Theory for Microwave Circuits
5 David (Jack)

Dawson-TrujilloSonoma State University

Dynamic Light Scattering

6AissataDiopBronx Community College

High Temperature Superconductors for Fusion Energy
7DonaldFerschweilerCalifornia State University, Long BeachEmpowerment through the integration of hardware, software, and physics

GabbardMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyImmersed methods for high-fidelity multiphysics simulations



The University of Iowa

Model and Training Optimization through Generative Adversarial Networks
10MalidaHechtSan Diego State University

A Brief Introduction to Microwave Quantum Optics



University of California, Berkeley

Protein-ligand interactions and standardizing data curation


KamaraUniversity of Maryland, College Park

Rawinsonde Estimation of Mixing Layer Height and Cryosphere Research Interest



Fisk University

Determining the Basic Reproduction Number, R_0, for COVID-19


University of Washington

Utility of deep learning techniques in studying the crystallization kinetics in PEEK


University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Leveraging EHR data to learn computational tools that enhance equity of treatment for patients with AMI


NannurWayne State University

Geospatial Analysis Through Graph Learning



Arizona State University

The ‘Cheater’ Queen Ant: An Application to Cancer Cells

18MatthewPortmanUniversity of California, Irvine

Identifying Optical Counterparts from follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events

19XavierQuintanaOregon State University

Fracture Mechanics Based Testing and DCPD in FliNaK

20AbanoubSaidThe City College of New York

The Exploitation of Quantum Entanglement for Very Fast and Clean Communication

21MichaelSandersSan Diego State University

Future Models and Techniques in Computational Fluids Research

22ImranSarkerUniversity of Arkansas at Little Rock

ROI based Foreground Extraction from Image using Dynamic Mode Decomposition

23YashleenSharmaUniversity Of California, Merced

Analysis Of Ocean Currents via mathematical modeling and computer programming

24UrjoshiSinhaIowa State University

Software testing for studying and addressing configuration-interaction problems in highly customizable research software

25MikoStulajterSan Diego State University

Eigenvalue problems for steady states in nonlinear PDEs



University of South Carolina - Columbia

IoT smart devices security through data analysis and machine learning approach

27DatenzingTamangUniversity of New Mexico

An empirical study of image segmentation techniques

28WenhuanTanBellevue College

Association between different air-quality index with suicide deaths on geospatial level

29SimonZhangUniversity of Washington

The Effect of Unequal Albedo Distribution on Global Climate