Sustainable Research Pathways Workshop

December 1-3, 2020 – Virtual Exploration & Matching

2020 SRP Group Photo

Research Opportunities for Faculty and Students from Diverse Backgrounds

The Sustainable Horizons Institute and Berkeley Lab invited faculty and students to apply to the SRP 2020-2021 program. This program offers a one of a kind research experience alongside Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences staff.

Networking and Exploration

The Program is intended to foster sustainable relationships between faculty, students and lab staff. Participants learn about chances to engage in collaborative, cutting-edge research with lab scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.


  • Pre-Workshop webinar
  • Matching and Exploratory Workshop
  • Meet with Berkeley Lab staff to discuss possible collaborations
  • Potential to participate in summer research
    • Faculty/student teams
    • Students on their own

Faculty Track

The program supports faculty from a variety of institutions, including minority-serving institutions, liberal arts, and community colleges, working with students such as women, minorities, first-generation scholars, and people with disabilities. Faculty who attended the workshop learned of opportunities to participate in summer research with their students or send their students on their own.

New Student Track

The Sustainable Horizons Institute is excited to have opened a new Student Track for the SRP 2020 Workshop! Students who were undergraduate or graduate students in a computational science & engineering program at an accredited US academic institution had the opportunity to apply individually. 

Welcome/Networking Session, Icebreaker Segment

Virtual Workshop

An interactive live virtual event including:

  • Networking/welcome session
  • Staff presentations on research areas
  • Participant presentations of research interests
  • Participant poster session
  • One-on-one “speed matching” meetings to explore possibilities

Learn more about the Participants