SRP-HPC Guided Affinity Groups for the ECP Annual Meeting

Guided Affinity GroupS (GAGS) are designed to help participants get more out of the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Annual Meeting sessions. Led by ECP volunteer community members, learning groups explore meeting topics from an entry level perspective by meeting prior to the sessions, attending some sessions together, and then meeting afterwards. Attendees will meet with affinity group leads on the first day of the ECP AM and then meet daily. Attendees will provide a 5-10 minute presentation on what was discovered and learned from the experience during the SRP-HPC ECP AM Wrap up session on Thursday.

GAGS Standups

Each day at ECP AM, the affinity groups will gather to discuss three questions:

What did we learn yesterday?
What are we planning on learning today?
What do we need to do today to get the final presentation complete?

GAGS Deliverable

Each group will present for a maximum of 10 minutes during the Wrap Up Session. Best practices in presentations say that no more than 3-5 slides should be used. Students will be required to create and deliver this presentation. In the slides we’d like the group to talk about:

What was their affinity group?
What were the pedagogical goals of the team?
Who was involved? (Leader, team, others?)
What did they learn?
What were the most effective ways to learn?
Particular talks/researchers they felt helped them?
What’s next?

Here is a list of the planned Guided Affinity Groups: