CSE Applications, Stephen Wood, National Aeronautics and Space Administration


From a certain point of view, scientists and engineers are customers in need of new digital tools to forge the technologies of tomorrow. Teams of developers, subject matter experts, researchers, and experimentalists work together to create tools that meet their needs. Inevitably, new capabilities
lead practitioners to new questions and onto new tool requirements. At the same time, computer hardware and programming languages are rapidly evolving. To bridge the gaps between customer needs, software requirements, hardware, and programming languages, development teams need to have a collective broad knowledge base and camaraderie to foster creative solutions.

This Guided Affinity Group strives to actively participate in minisymposiums, minitutorials, invited talks, and contributed talks related to use of high performance computing, emerging architectures, and programming paradigms to deliver capabilities to application scientists and engineers.

What are the relevant conference themes?

  • Applications in science, engineering, and industry
  • Emerging software infrastructure for CSE, sustainability of numerical software
  • High-order methods, novel discretizations, and scalable solvers
  • High-performance computing, emerging architectures and programming paradigms

Short Biography:
Stephen is a diligent problem solver seeking to advance the frontiers of engineering understanding and capability with multi-disciplinary teams of experimentalists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and domain experts. He is a Civil Servant Research Scientist in the Computational AeroSciences Branch at NASA Langley Research Center.

I strongly believe in the important of increasing the diversity in applied mathematics and computational sciences in general. The BE program opened doors to attend Super Computing and SIAM CSE conferences while I was a student. The BE professionals I’ve met have inspired me personally and professionally. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to pay-it-forward.