Sustainable Horizons Institute Receives Grant from National Science Foundation

Supercomputing Conference Broader Engagement Technical Session Poster Submission Workshop.  Sustainable Horizons Institute was recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct a workshop for past BE participants.  The vision of this project is to help past BE participants get more involved with the main technical track of the conference by providing training and assistance for their submission to the technical program poster session. Past Broader Engagement participants will be encouraged to submit proposals for participation in this two-day workshop. The workshop will include training and discussion on how to organize research results, available SC resources and what makes a successful poster submission and consequently a successful poster presentation. The workshop will also include working sessions where participants will prepare draft submissions and then receive feedback on their submissions. Each participant will be expected to leave the workshop with a draft poster submission that they can finalize and submit through the SC15 Poster Submissions application. The application process will solicit participants that aspire to and are prepared to submit posters to the SC15 Technical program, as evidenced through their application and description of their proposed poster.  Information about how to apply for the workshop will be available here soon.