Sustainable Research Pathways 2020

SRP Workshop Group Photo

Although 2020 presented a few challenges amid the pandemic, the usual in-person SRP workshop was reimagined to an online format that was equally as successful and rewarding as it has been for the past years. One benefit from the virtual event was the ability to host the largest number of attendees to date which included 18 faculty teams, 20 unaccompanied students from a variety of institutions, and 20 staff members. In past years, SRP focused on providing opportunities to faculty/student teams. In 2020, a new student track launched allowing students at different stages of their academic careers (undergraduate and graduate) to participate without a faculty member. Faculty and students have applauded the workshop organizers for creating a welcoming atmosphere for attendees can showcase their research and connect with others.

SRP Networking Event, Icebreaker Segment

Overview of Computational Sciences Division at Berkeley Lab presentation by David Brown, Division Director

An engaging informal networking session kicked-off the three-day event, giving Berkeley lab staff and workshop participants an opportunity to get to know each other. The following days consisted of the lab staff talks, poster blitz, poster sessions, and speed matching sessions. Faculty, students, and staff were able to network through the workshop and discuss research collaborations and make long-lasting connections.

Here’s what the participants had to say about the workshop…

“The SRP workshop is always a great way to make connections with other researchers and bring teams to work with us at the Lab…” -Staff

“I enjoyed seeing what the students wanted to accomplish in the program…” -Staff

“I learned about ongoing activities and interests of different groups, and how a potential summer research project could be developed. I found it especially useful to discuss what the students on faculty teams could do…” -Faculty

“[I] learned about the different programs in LBNL and got to meet with amazing researchers…” -Faculty

“The diversity and breadth of research done at research labs is beyond what I expected…” -Student

“The most important takeaway was [experiencing] and being a part of this workshop. I’m very glad I networked with many people…” -Student

“[I learned] just how valuable it can be to sit and talk with people who share similar interests…” -Student

“Overall, the workshop allowed me to gain more knowledge on other research topics. The main takeaway was meeting staff members who have the same passion and drive towards topics that is not expressed on most college campuses…” -Student

“I learned about the process and pace of initiating a collaboration and I learned about computing applications beyond my area of research…” -Faculty

“Networking is not as hard as I thought and should try it more…” -Student