Dr. Islam, Western Washington State University.

The most exciting part about joining the SRP Program has been having the opportunity to work on the supercomputer Cori and with the application scientists closely. We are working on analyzing the performance of ECP applications and validating some of the proxies that the AMREX team has developed. Over the summer, we developed a machine learning framework, VERITAS, that identifies which hardware resources impact the efficiency of applications when it strongly scales on a node.

The two undergraduate students working with me have also benefitted from attending the SRP Program. They’ve expanded their knowledge about the subject by the presentations and hands-on tutorials arranged by Berkeley lab. This opportunity has also helped to expand my professional network as well as generate new ideas for future collaborations with other faculty members. We expect to continue our collaboration based on a number of challenging yet interesting questions identified during the summer. This continued collaboration will definitely impact my career as an Assistant Professor positively through publications, funding opportunities, and training students. 

-Tanzima Islam, Assistant Professor at Western Washington State University.