The Broader Engagement (BE) Program

The Broader Engagement (BE) Program, piloted in 2007 at the Supercomputing (SC) Conference Series, was created as a method to engage populations of people consistently underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

BE participants enjoying a workshop.

Dr. Mary Ann Leung, founder of SHI, felt a strong connection with the mission of BE, and got involved with the program at the SC conference in 2011. After seeing the deep impact the BE Program had on participants and community members, Leung was inspired to expand it to new conferences. In 2015, Leung brought the BE Program to the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE). Leung’s mission for expanding the BE program was to not only support more individuals from diverse backgrounds, but to also catalyze a change in the community to create a more inclusive and diverse society. SHI organized the BE Programs at SIAM CSE15, CSE17, and SIAM CSE19, and we have welcomed nearly 200 participants to the program in these years.

During the week-long conference, BE participants attend a rich scientific program that includes numerous interdisciplinary technical sessions, plenaries, and discussions that help advance their knowledge and skill sets. The BE Program also helps participants develop a sense of engagement and belonging in the STEM community through psycho-social supports like a program orientation, mentoring, small learning groups known as “Guided Affinity Groups” and motivational workshops/activities. More information and results from the BE Program at CSE15, CSE17, CSE19, and the upcoming CSE21 can be found below.

The 2017 Broader Engagement group.

Program Overviews

Broader Engagement at SIAM CSE15

Broader Engagement at SIAM CSE17

Broader Engagement at SIAM CSE19

Broader Engagement at SIAM CSE21