Victor Zendejas Lopez

Institution/Organization: UC Berkeley

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Academic Status: Undergraduate Student

What conference theme areas are you interested in (check all that apply):

Applications in science, engineering, and industry;
High-order methods, novel discretizations, and scalable solvers;
High-performance computing, emerging architectures and programming paradigms;
Multiscale, multiphysics, and multilevel methods


Broadly – I’m interested in the applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to engineering applications related to energy. Specifically I’m interested in utilizing high performance computing (HPC) as a tool to model reactive flows and multi phase flows. I’m interested in energy because our current methods of extracting energy from the planet (fracking, burning fossil fuels, etc) often hurt marginalized communities all over the world. It’ s going to be a long time before solar energy and other sources of renewable energy can replace fossil fuels. Utilizing CFD and HPC can be used to rapidly verify if new green technologies are feasible.

Non-Work Related Activities/Interests: 

I’m involved in many initiatives to promote STEM to undeserved and underrepresented communities (me myself identifying to be part of this group). 1. I’m currently building a website to promote STEM to community college LatinX students. I brought together several PhD students from tier 1 research institutions and industry professionals who started at community college to talk about their experiences throughout their academic careers. This website will also include advice and portfolios of different projects completed by these students. The goal is to give hope to those who are currently in community college see a place for themselves in at a four year school and beyond. 2. At UC Berkeley I was involved in a mentorship program where I was paired with a first year student. I met with my mentee on a bi-weekly schedule to discuss topics related health, graduate school, surviving Berkeley as a first generation student, and finding social balance. 3. Outside of school I’m involved with an organization that coaches students how to get their dream job through informational interviews and networking (I myself went through this program – that’s how I ended up at LBNL).