Sustainable Horizons Institute Vision

The Sustainable Horizons Institute mission is to build sustainable, inclusive connections between students, faculty, and professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Focused on shaping individuals and groups who are ready to participate in the forefront of STEM disciplines, and taking an inclusionary approach that also engages under-represented, under-served, and economically challenged populations, we are interested in building and supporting a broader community of leaders in STEM.

Sustainable Horizons Institute programs are based on activities designed to have a long-term and positive impact on bright, young, developing scientists.

Sustainable Pathways for Sustainable Horizons Scholars
In support of our mission we envision the following components to an array of programming designed to develop and nurture tomorrow’s scientific and engineering leaders. Our programs aim to help people discover their own gifts and ignite their passion as they develop their scientific prowess.

Programs That Fit Together to Form Sustainable Support


Guided engagement at Scientific Professional Conferences

Professional Develop Workshops such as:

  • Submitting research to a conference
  • “Pathways to Success: Developing a Roadmap to Your Future”
  • Applying for fellowships, graduate school, or other opportunities

Research experiences such as:

  • Sustainable Pathways Research Fellows
  • Internships

Scholarships and Fellowships
Mentoring and Academic Guidance


Building a Community of Scholars – What It Looks Like
A Sample Scenario

graduated-1313716A bright and accomplished Latina undergraduate student is selected as a Sustainable Horizons Scholar. Prior to receiving the award, she worked full time while attending school and helping her immigrant family. She selects a Sustainable Pathway Guide, an African American faculty member developing an exciting academic research program in biophysics at a Historically Black College and University. Together they develop a Road Map of activities to get her on and keep her on track to complete her undergraduate degree and matriculate in a doctoral program. To fulfill her academic Road Map requirement, she spends the summer doing research with her guide. Through her summer research experience she discovers a strong aptitude and interest in using computational methods to understand relevant phenomena in biophysics. With excitement for using this approach in her area of interest, she continues her research project with her guide, communicating virtually from a distance, during the academic year. In the spring, she submits a paper on her research for conference presentation. Her submission is accepted and she presents her research at a conference. Sustainable Horizons Institute also is leading a Broader Engagement workshop at the conference, which she receives funding for her attendance. In addition to a rich academic experience, she completes other activities on her road map by attending a career fair and a professional development seminar during the conference. In the following year, she helps to develop a curriculum plan to teach middle school students basic concepts in bioinformatics and then leads a workshop for students in a predominantly Hispanic and economically challenged area. She is contributing to society and is giving back to her community. She is moving forward on her pathway to a successful scientific career.

She is a Sustainable Horizons Scholar.