Intro to HPC Webinar

Webinar: Introduction to HPC

Presenter: Virginia Trueheart, M.Sc

Virginia joined the Texas Advanced Computing Center in 2015. Prior to that, she worked at BazaarVoice supporting P&G web platforms and assisting with maintenance of their online presence. At TACC, she works directly with users troubleshooting issues with jobs and helping them improve the use of TACC machines. She also works to develop new training materials for users and helps coordinate responses to users when site-wide events occur. Finally, she works directly with HPC researchers to provide internal support around software maintenance and issue tracking.

To prepare your computer for the webinar, we recommend making sure you have a few basic programs installed. See below for instructions based on your operating system.

Please attempt to prepare your computer for the webinar. If you have trouble, members of the Webinar Committee will be available 30 minutes before the webinar to help troubleshoot. 

Instructions to Get Started:

Step 0: You will need to set up multifactor authentication using the Duo app. See instructions here:

To login, use the XSEDE Single Sign-On (SSO) Hub:

$ ssh -l username

After entering your password, you will be prompted to use the Duo two-factor login.

Duo two-factor login for username

Enter a passcode or select one of the following options:

 1. Duo Push to XXX-XXX-4924
 2. Duo Push to Android
 3. Phone call to XXX-XXX-4924

Passcode or option (1-3): 
Success. Logging you in...
Creating directory /home/username.

To log in to Stampede2 from the XSEDE SSO node:

$ gsissh stampede2