Yuan Zeng, Lehigh University

I went to Berkeley Lab twice during Summer 2018 and Summer 2019 through the Sustainable
Research Pathways program. During the first summer, I was working on building an analytical
model to evaluate the performance impact of several new architecture designs, which
contributes to a project that develops accelerators for high-performance computing applications.
During the second summer, I was working on improving the micro-architecture design of the
memory system to accelerate iterative graph algorithms, which are widely used in many
important applications such as search engines and scientific simulations. The collaboration
between Lehigh and Berkeley continued after my internship and I co-authored a paper that was
published in one of the top conferences in my area. I found that working with different people
helped me a lot to become a better researcher and team player.
Besides work, exciting things happened every day at the Lab. I visited one of the world’s largest
high-performance computing clusters Cori, met some famous people whose names are in my
textbook, and I also enjoyed walking on the beautiful Berkeley campus and going for a sailing
trip with my teammates. I definitely recommend this science research pathway program.