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SRP-HPC 2022-2023

Sustainable Research Pathways for High-Performance Computing (SRP-HPC) is designed to connect students from (and faculty working with) underrepresented groups with Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratory scientists.



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Welcome to Sustainable Horizons Institute

A brighter scientific future is on the horizon


We see a time when everyone is welcome and thrives in science and technology.

Diversity is essential to good science and great work environments. It spurs innovation and helps create solutions that benefit more people.


We don’t believe in “fixing” the underrepresented student; instead, we focus on transforming work environments. In addition to supporting and mentoring scientists and engineers from all underrepresented communities, we also work with top scientists, engineers, and researchers to create ecosystems that welcome and encourage a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

We are a diverse team of award-winning scientists, communicators, and educators working together to educate and engage. We welcome the opportunity to work with all people from marginalized or disadvantaged backgrounds (including women, minorities, first generation scholars, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, and others), as well as organizational leaders interested in building inclusive and diverse ecosystems.