Mary Ann led a specialized session entitled Pathways to Success. In one swoop I was able to identify the challenges I’ve faced and the obstacles I had to overcome in my past to get to where I was then, and dig deep within myself to discover what I really wanted to do and where I wanted to be in the future. It was extremely emotional for me and therapeutic. It…changed…my….life!

Yashema Mack, Oak Ridge National Lab

The BE program helped me garner resources not just for myself, but also for my peers at Santa Barbara Community College. I was so inspired and enthused by all of the research, opportunities and the feeling of community, that when I got back, I started a student chapter of SIAM at Santa Barbara City College. Currently, we have over 100 members who are interested in Applied Math and are exploring that as an option now because they joined this student chapter. 

Pulkita Jain, student at Santa Barbara Community College

There is an untapped source of enthusiastic, curious and talented individuals, many of them from underrepresented groups, that we haven’t been able to reach in the past. Programs like Sustainable Research Pathways and BE open doors for students from underrepresented groups and faculty by helping them make the connections they need in order to develop collaborative relationships and find opportunities in academia and national laboratories.

David Brown, Director of Computational Research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

This experience was transformative–both professionally and personally. I went home empowered. Not only did the experience provide me with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students, but it also provided me the opportunity to grow and learn about myself as a research faculty and as a person.

Vicky Fondjo, Assistant Professor, Langston University

A program like this is essential to the future of math and science. The opportunities from these kinds of experiences, as well as scholarships that target underrepresented students, have made my career possible. I plan on devoting more of my time and money into helping low-income, first-generation students pursue the same thing.

Priscilla Kelly, doctoral student, San Diego State University

I consider the Broader Engagement (BE) program experience to have been absolutely the most valuable and empowering conference experience I have had to date as a student. I learned a great deal about research opportunities and employment opportunities available in CSE broadly. This information has been key in forming my projected career plans after graduate school. It’s an understatement to say that the BE program has vastly broadened my horizons and my potential career paths. 

Kevin Luna, doctoral student, University of Arizona

SRP proved to be an excellent opportunity to expand the number of researchers I collaborate with in a research-intensive setup. I appreciated the chance to work closely with other women researchers that share equal challenges, especially as starting this Fall, I will be the sole female tenured faculty in my department. I plan to continue working on these research projects during the academic year and to involve YSU undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing research.

Alina Lazar, Professor, Youngstown State University

[Dr. Leung’s] knowledge and insight enabled my success at Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM (ERN) and led me to win 1st place in my poster presentation. Had I not participated in her ERN workshops, it is not likely that I would have won 1st place in my poster presentation.

Louis Paul Romero, student at Hartnell Community College 

The BE program opened my eyes to the opportunities before me in research, and was exactly the catalyst I needed to solidify my intent to pursue a research career. I had full access to the regular CSE19 technical programming, met professionals from various fields and career stages, presented a poster and lightning talk, and was able to clearly see my future in research, even as an undergraduate. As a result, I’m preparing to start a Ph.D. in Computational Science and Engineering in the Fall. 

Aimee Maurais, undergraduate student, Virginia Tech

This opportunity has also helped to expand my professional network, as well as generate new ideas for future collaborations with other faculty members. We expect to continue our collaboration based on a number of challenging yet interesting questions identified during the summer. This continued collaboration will definitely positively impact my career as an Assistant Professor through publications, funding opportunities, and training students.

Tanzima Islam, Assistant Professor, Western Washington State University

The SRP Program has allowed me to expand my skills in High Performance Computing, while also allowing me to make connections to experts who can lead me in current research projects and possible future work. Participating in the summer research program has sparked my interest for a career in research and has provided me with a strong foundation for a research career.

Rafael Zamora-Resendiz, undergraduate student, Hood College

Without the existence of the BE program, I would never have been able to attend the CSE17 conference. My participation in the BE program served as the catalyst I needed to make a change. This summer I am moving and starting a new program at a new university. I had always regretted not studying mathematics, and now I have an opportunity to do so. Chances are, had I not participated in the BE program, I would not have had the courage to make a change.

Wendi Sapp, Masters student, University of South Dakota