Our Work

At Sustainable Horizons Institute, our work speaks for itself, in the voices of our most important benefactors students and scientists of tomorrow. We know them, and we know you. You want achievement to be the rule, and not the exception. You want to lead. You want to innovate. At Sustainable Horizons Institute, we are working to grow futures in STEM: for students, for scientists, and for organizations like yours.

We optimize our programming by utilizing a diverse array of technologically-based media and communication services, including electronically-based distance learning education, teleconferencing, web-based seminars, and social media. Communities we serve encompass the breadth of education and career, including K-12, undergraduate, and graduate education and early career through twilight career.

We pride ourselves on partnering broadly with government agencies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and industry, creating strong connections to serve the community.

  • Sustainable Research Pathways 2019
    SRP 2019 Workshop Participants, Berkeley, California 2019 was a big year for the SRP program…we celebrated our 5th year by breaking many records. The ...
  • The Broader Engagement (BE) ProgramThe Broader Engagement (BE) Program
    The Broader Engagement (BE) Program, piloted in 2007 at the Supercomputing (SC) Conference Series, was created as a method to engage populations of people consistently ...
  • Sustainable Research Pathways (SRP) ProgramSustainable Research Pathways (SRP) Program
    In 2015, Sustainable Horizons Institute (SHI) and Berkeley Lab partnered together with an innovative idea to increase the breadth and quality of the Computing Sciences workforce. ...
  • Pathways to Success WorkshopPathways to Success Workshop
    Pathways to Success Workshop: exploring challenges and identifying resources to help students, faculty, and professionals create a vision of success  Dr. Leung has been to a ...
  • Workforce DevelopmentWorkforce Development
    Workforce Development, Mentoring, Career, Professional, and Leadership Development.  Sustainable Horizons Institute has a breath of experience in designing, developing, and implementing effective programs to develop leaders, ...