A.S.M. Fakhrul Islam

A.S.M. Fakhrul Islam

Institution/Organization: University of South Carolina

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Academic Status: Research Assistant


Coming from Bangladesh, one of the most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change, I have always had an interest in studying climate change. This had led me to pursue my first master’s degree in marine science where I researched and published data to help scientists better understand the effects of climate change.

After learning more about the threats and consequences of climate change, my interest shifted toward finding solutions to this challenge. Consequently, I pursued my second master’s degree in nuclear engineering and am currently working to obtain a Ph.D. degree in the same field. My current research projects include designing a micro-reactor for military and commercial applications and simulating the drying of spent nuclear fuel inside a storage canister.

I look forward to working to the best of my ability to improve the quality of life on earth and the planet itself!


SRP-HPC Workshop provides a unique opportunity to improve my knowledge and expertise and get access to tools and facilities I may not have access to otherwise. Also, this is a great opportunity to meet and converse with the thought leaders and leading professionals in the field and learn from them.