Aissata Diop

Aissata Diop

Institution/Organization: Bronx Community College

Department: Engineering Sciences

Academic Status: Undergraduate Student


Aissata Diop is a recent graduate of Bronx Community College. She earned an Associate’s degree in Engineering Sciences. Aissata will transfer to Smith College where she will pursue a degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Arts & Technology. She spent her early childhood in New York City then moved to Mali. Ever since an early age she grew a passion for technology. Her goal is to have her own tech company and provide innovative solutions to facilitate our daily lives and advancements in the neuroscientific field.


I love to create with my hands. As a child I would show that through art and drawing. Once I began to show interest in computers and technology, I was encouraged to pursue that passion through coding and STEM classes.

I was conflicted. Abandoning my creativity was something I couldn’t do. I knew I wanted to find a career where I could still execute that. Things changed when I got my first iPhone. The mix of aesthetics and functionality fascinated me. How was this slim, slick device so powerful — yet the design so minimalistic? I began an idea book where I’d sketch my own gadgets and other inventions I had in mind.

Now, I have realized that through technology, I can flex my creative muscles while tangibly impacting the world. My goal is to approach tech with the same care that I do with my art, paying meticulous attention to all of a piece’s little details. As someone interested in neuroscience, I’ve realized how complex and reactive the human brain can be. Humans have always been inspired by nature when it comes to technological innovations. When I learned that camera lenses were inspired by our eyes and neuromorphic computers by the brain, this made me wonder what other parts of our body will inspire new technologies. I aspire to contribute in the field of neuroscience by creating innovative technologies that can potentially help neuroscientists in their quest to better understand the human brain through integrated software stack and exascale hardware technology advances. SRP-HPC gave me a chance to start my journey and make contributions in science.