Alex Ho

Institution/Organization: University of California Merced

Department: Department of Applied Mathematics

Academic Status: Graduate Student

What conference theme areas are you interested in:

Adaptive control, optimal control, and estimator design;
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for science and engineering;
Applications in science, engineering, and industry;
Computation with discrete structures and graphs;
Data assimilation, challenges in data science, math of AI and ML;
High-order methods, novel discretizations, and scalable solvers;
High-performance computing, emerging architectures and programming paradigms;
Inverse problems, optimization, and uncertainty quantification;
Model and dimensionality reduction


My research interest is in large-scale Numerical Optimization with an application in machine learning. My research interest extends from applications to the theoretical side of machine learning. I enjoy learning and deriving mathematical models as well as get hands-on experiences in solving different machine learning applications (e.g. Cyber Security, Medical Data, Image Processing).

Non-Work Related Activities/Interests: