Alexander Gessinger

Institution/Organization: Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Department: computer science

Academic Status: Undergraduate Student


Academically, while completing my undergraduate degree I interested in obtaining a wide variety of information related to computing. I plan on taking classes from different elective fields to broaden my own personal knowledge. I am undecided on which elective path I will complete. Being a sophomore I am exploring each and have a year to decide. While an undergraduate I am interested in doing research in high-performance computing. However, I believe that any experience in research as an undergraduate will be extremely beneficial. Overall, I am interested in large data and high-performance computing. However, I wish to gain knowledge about a wide variety of topics related to computing.
Non-Work Related ActivitiesNon-Work Related Activities:

Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering time as a mentor for first-year students. Where once every three days I hold a very casual meeting usually over lunch or dinner and primarily answer any questions the student has for me. I enjoy helping students and learning from experiences they share with me. If they have any urgent issues I make myself available to them via text message or phone call. Another no-work related activity I enjoy is participating in intramural sports. The rest of my leisure time is put to you use by exercising and watching Pittsburgh related sporting events.