Arunavo Dey

Arunavo Dey

Institution/Organization: Texas State University

Department: Computer Science

Academic Status: Masters student


I am Arunavo Dey, completed my B.Sc .in CSE from BUET in Bangladesh where I was born and brought up. My major was machine learning. Afterwards, I served as a lecturer in BUBT and later as an assistant professor in the same. I served as a trainer for android and IOS application development program under Bangladesh government. I began my MS in Texas State University from Fall 2021. Till then I am working under Dr. Tanzima Islam as a research assistant. My primary research involves leveraging different machine learning models for performance analytic. I am interested in uncertainty quantification of machine learning models and in applied machine learning in different domains including social network analysis, text mining and anomaly detection.


During my stay in Texas State University, in HPC@Scale project, I encountered PAPI hardware counters and performance analytic. My current research duties also involve dealing with domain generalization to leverage knowledge for performance analysis across applications in the same platform as well as for the same application across platforms. Analyzing performance issues and tracking their root causes is an inevitable part of which. SRP HPC summer research with the opportunity to work with Brookhaven national laboratory people on their program CHIMBUKO gave a good chance to see the real life application of the things I have done till now. Moreover, getting involved to a process which has a long-lasting bigger impact is something that attracted me towards this.