Bilas Talukdar

Bilas Talukdar

Institution/Organization: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Department: Informatics

Academic Status: Doctoral Student


I am Bilas Talukdar, a second-year Ph.D. student at the Department of Informatics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). I work as a Teaching Assistant there. I am also working as a Research Assistant (RA) at Dr. Tomer Weiss’s Lab at NJIT. My research interests lie in the area of Crowd Simulation, Computer Graphics, Reinforcement Learning, and Deep Learning. Before that, I worked as a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, City University, Bangladesh for two years. Before joining there, I worked as a software engineer at Inflack Limited, Bangladesh. I worked as both Java Spring and PHP Laravel framework developer at Inflack Limited. I have completed my BSc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology. My current research project is simulating a large virtual crowd using Deep Reinforcement Learning. I am really excited to make a direct impact on human beings through my research activities.


Sustainable Research Pathways for High-Performance Computing (SRP-HPC) at Sustainable Horizons Institute (SHI) is one of the renowned research Institutions. In my plan regarding pursuing a Ph.D. degree, I always admired working on top labs or research Institutions. The research areas mentioned in SRP-HPC would help me to utilize my summertime providing an opportunity to explore the areas which are very much close to my own research areas. Working on the research areas like Data Optimization and Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Development Tools, etc. would definitely help me to expand my views of the research in these fields. Also, it’s the opportunity to know how large research institutions work on large projects. This learning would definitely help me later to apply the knowledge in my research lab or projects. Moreover, an internship in SHI would also help me to publish very good research projects. It would also help me to get a good research position in my future career. So considering all of the above facts, I can say SHI would be a very good fit for me to spend a few months during my summer internship.